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Has your business created a brand experience which is delivered seamlessly at every touchpoint?

IXI Solution

Our company specializes in devising human-oriented products, services, processes, strategies by designing seamless customer journeys in every physical and digital point. We are proud of our high-skilled team.

We have over 15 years of experience in user & customer research, process optimization, human-computer interaction, communication design of services and visual design of products and brand.

Projects: customer experience strategy for bank /BNB-Bank/, digital solution for oil and petroleum products logistics /Gazprom/, software solution for digital patient files /März-BOX/, lending large and medium business /Sberbank/.

What we do

Customers' practices are the result of their past experiences with brands. This is called a customer eXperience (CX) and we design that.

It is becoming increasingly complicated to attract, satisfy and retain a clientele base. Revenue growth comes from good customer experience, increased customer loyalty, and rising competitiveness.

Customer experience starts BEFORE the product purchase or the use of the provided service. Creating a good first impression starts at the first interaction: physical and electronic advertisements, product packaging and quality, speed of shipment, and the general perspective of the society towards the company. The absence of an impression is also an impression by itself.

Your customer is primarily a Human.

How we work

We use the methodology of design thinking by exploring the clients' experience from the consumer's position and then finding solutions from an expert's perspective. The in-depth research approach helps identify and eliminate the real causes of low business performance. Stages of our work process:

01. Discovering
We are starting from communication with businesses and learning about their business requests. We look into all interaction points with the clientele, both physical and digital. We explore the experiences through the eyes of the client with face-to-face research with customers, a deep understanding of their users' lives, and real reasons for problems.
02. Defining
At this stage, we synchronize all data. By analyzing the client's path and identifying the causes of problem areas, we figure out customers' needs, barriers, and values. We find business opportunities and verify priority points to understand where improvements are most important.
03. Designing
We optimize and automate business processes and client paths by creating robust solutions based on research and analysis. Also, we work with trends and creative technologies – our solutions are always competitive and are much different from others. We create an MVP prototype and then put it through testing.
04. Delivering
Then we form a detailed map of recommendations and actions. We help to integrate improvements, track business indicators and measure progress. Moreover, we organize receiving feedback from customers for continuous enhancement.
05. Supporting
Optionally, we deliver the flow of data from customers after completing the project. We supply small data by subscription or form a remote team of researchers to design the following solutions if the company doesn't have the appropriate competencies. The business receives timely, up-to-date information about the behavior and interactions of customers.

The client is not an impersonal mass for making money, but the person who has chosen your company to solve their tasks.

Helen Risovets, CXO
The client is not an impersonal mass for making money, but the person who has chosen your company to solve their tasks.
Helen Risovets, CXO

Why we are

Design thinking is a universal approach, which can be used everywhere – from creating mobile application to planning public space and event. The business gets a system management of the customer experience.

We look at the business through the eyes of the client and design from the expert position
  • In-depth research of customer needs
  • Working with customer feedback
  • Defining the true cause of the problem
  • Designing the solution architecture
We use creative technologies and trend signals for innovations and new solutions
  • Considering trends to make strategic choices for the future
  • Using methods of creative generation for thousand ideas
  • Thinking outside the box to create non-standard solutions
  • Adapting solutions, taking into local customer mindset
We combine digital and physical points of interactions into a seamless journey
  • Researching and design digital interaction
  • Researching and design physical interaction
  • Researching and design phygital interaction
  • Creating a seamless customer journey from all points
An interdisciplinary skilled team of technical specialists, researchers, architects
  • All the necessary specialists to create strong solutions
  • Own team staff and established agile processes
  • Internal training of employees to meet the high level
  • Participation of experts on every project
We use business metrics, digital data analytics and feedback from customer
  • We form the technical task, based on business requirements
  • We work with business metrics and digital data
  • We research customer experience in the fields
  • Synchronize all types of data in maps
Cosmopolitan office in the metaverse – we work worldwide and always in touch with you
  • Our team is fully distributed and manageable
  • We work in physical and virtual reality
  • We are in physical world where you need
  • Our customers are all over the world

Customers don't tell you they're unhappy. In fact, only 1 in 26 unhappy customers actually complain.
The rest just leave.

Esteban Kolsky, Chief Evangelist, CX

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